Movies to Watch When Bored

A collection of movies, shorts and documentaries to watch when you’re bored and need a little distraction.  Some of the below are free movies.

Will It Blend? thumbnail

Will It Blend?

That’s right, this is entire website dedicated to exactly what you’d expect. ‘Will It Blend’ shoves a bunch of stuff in a blender- from an iPhone to a baseball- and shows you the result via video.


Watch Best Picture Winner ‘Moonlight’ product photo

Watch Best Picture Winner ‘Moonlight’

Maybe you saw the embarrassing ‘Best Picture’ blunder at The Oscars this year, but what you really should see is the Best Picture itself: Moonlight! Moonlight is a fascinating story detailing the burdensome life of a gay African American man growing up in Miami.


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Vimeo Staff Picks

Vimeo is an outlet for up and coming filmmakers to showcase their work online, and it’s also run by real live humans who watch and select the best videos on the site! Check out some amazing short films, music videos, and more!


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Learn to cook and clean the drool off your keyboard while you’re at it. Tasty shows you all the best recipes, from desserts to cocktails to full meals. Tasty also provides helpful food prep tips for beginner and veteran chefs!


Watch The 2017 Golden Globes Winners thumbnail

Watch The 2017 Golden Globes Winners

Maybe the Oscar nominees haven’t been released yet, but you can get a pretty good idea of what the critics recommend by checking out this year’s Golden Globes winners. Many of these films remain in theaters. Plus, as if you needed it, you can get a hefty list of new noteworthy shows to binge-watch!


Vevo’s Holiday Music Selections thumbnail

Vevo’s Holiday Music Selections

It’s Thanksgiving week, which also means the official start of obnoxious holiday music marathons. Vevo has got you covered with all your favorite [popular] artists and holiday tunes.


Serenity product photo


Joss Whedon fans are already deeply familiar with both Serenity and the related TV series Firefly. If you’ve not seen these two, you’re missing out.


The West Wing thumbnail

The West Wing

Ok, it’s not a movie but if you’re looking to binge watch something, The West Wing is a terrific choice. Filled with stellar actors, and beautifully written by Aaron Sorkin, it’s one of the best things to ever be shown on TV. On Netflix now.


The Goonies product photo

The Goonies

The 80s sure had some terrible movies, but The Goonies was a standout exception. So many quotable lines, and filled with adventure. Fantastic film for when you’re bored.


The Oracle Of Kevin Bacon thumbnail

The Oracle Of Kevin Bacon

Behold: the World Wide Web’s most comprehensive version of “the Kevin Bacon game.”

Here’s the goal: start with any film actor or actress and find out how many links it takes to connect them back to famed Footloose star Kevin Bacon. “Bacon Numbers” of 4 or higher are considered extremely rare. Try it out!


Learn About The 10 Dimensions Theory thumbnail

Learn About The 10 Dimensions Theory

Ever heard the expression “anything is possible?” This video explains the scientific theory of “Ten Dimensions,” supposing an infinite realm of possibilities. Watch the fascinating explanation.


Watch A Jaguar Attack A Crocodile thumbnail

Watch A Jaguar Attack A Crocodile

Okay, this is just awesome. National Geographic footage of a jaguar pouncing on a crocodile in Brazil. You won’t be able to stop watching it. What boredom?


What Movie Should I Watch Tonight? thumbnail

What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?

Sometimes you just need an algorithm to make that difficult decision for you. This handy website brings you to a random movie trailer. Don’t like what you see? Just click again for a new trailer. Uh oh… We hope this doesn’t lead you down a different spiral.


Trainwreck product photo


Hilarious and dirty, Amy Schumer becomes a real star in this film.


Spoil Yourself thumbnail

Spoil Yourself

Netflix has compiled a collection of the most famous plot twist spoilers in movie history.  If you’ve not seen these movies, they’ll be spoiled for you.  You have been warned.


The Economics of Seinfeld thumbnail

The Economics of Seinfeld

Who knew you could learn everything from cost-benefit analysis to monopolistic competition from Jerry and the gang.  Using clips from the popular sitcom, common (and esoteric) economic concepts are explained in a way that’s easy to understand.


You'll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea.