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Will It Blend? thumbnail

Will It Blend?

That’s right, this is entire website dedicated to exactly what you’d expect. ‘Will It Blend’ shoves a bunch of stuff in a blender- from an iPhone to a baseball- and shows you the result via video.


Test Your Typing Speed thumbnail

Test Your Typing Speed

This website allows you to test your typing speed and also provides free training courses to help you improve your accuracy and typing skills. Practice and retake the test as often as you want!


The Fidget Cube product photo

The Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is sort of like a chiller Bop-It for anxious people! Each of the cube’s six sides has something to fidget with.


Learn About Our Octopus Friends thumbnail

Learn About Our Octopus Friends

Hey, you’re bored. You might as well learn some interesting things about our octo-limbed undersea friends!

For example: did you know in some cultures octopi are considered erotic muses?


Squareknot Guides thumbnail

Squareknot Guides

Recipes, game tutorials, costume ideas, Squareknot has the information you’re looking for! Search thousands of helpful guides and learn something useful from your couch.


Do Nothing For 2 Minutes thumbnail

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

You could use a 2 minute break. This site provides a calming wave-crashing ambience provided that you do only one thing: nothing! Moving your mouse or using your keyboard automatically starts your 2 minutes over. Go ahead, take a break!


Geocache Treasure Hunting thumbnail

Geocache Treasure Hunting

This interactive treasure hunt encourages you to get out into the world and explore! Navigate to a geocache location, then sign and date the logbook, re-hide the geocache exactly how you found it, and share your experience online. You can learn more about Geocaching here.


Astronomy Picture Of The Day thumbnail

Astronomy Picture Of The Day

Exactly what it sounds like. Every day you’ll get a new amazing image from space accompanied by a brief explanation of what you’re seeing written by an astronomer.


The Flight Deal thumbnail

The Flight Deal

This incredible website regularly updates with amazing flight deals to and from major cities (ie New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, etc). Find the best possible deals to minimize your travel costs and maximize your travel time and distance!


Google “I’m Feeling Curious” thumbnail

Google “I’m Feeling Curious”

Simply pull up that search bar and type in “I’m feeling curious.” Google will provide you with an endless stream of interesting facts and their source websites. Ask questions til you just can’t ask no more!


Online Room Escape Game thumbnail

Online Room Escape Game

The “Room Escape” trend is sweeping the nation- and if you dig the concept but not the leaving your house part, you can experience your own online “Room Escape” via this game!


Vevo’s Holiday Music Selections thumbnail

Vevo’s Holiday Music Selections

It’s Thanksgiving week, which also means the official start of obnoxious holiday music marathons. Vevo has got you covered with all your favorite [popular] artists and holiday tunes.


Swear Word Coloring Book product photo

Swear Word Coloring Book

By now you know the trend, coloring isn’t just for kids. In fact, this book should probably not be opened by kids at all!


The Bored Button thumbnail

The Bored Button

If you made it here, you’re bored enough to press the bored button. See where it takes you!


Take Me To A Useless Site thumbnail

Take Me To A Useless Site

Yep… This is pretty much what it sounds like. At the click of a button you’ll be taken to a completely useless website over and over until you’re cured of your boredom.


Learn To Play Piano On Your Computer thumbnail

Learn To Play Piano On Your Computer

“Pianu” is a website that teaches you how to play piano, interactively. Learn how to play your favorite pop song or movie theme just by clicking your mouse and punching in your key board!


Play Classic Gameboy Games On Playr! thumbnail

Play Classic Gameboy Games On Playr!

Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Mortal Kombat… Playr has all your favorite old Gameboy and Gameboy color games and you can play them right in your internet browser! Create a username and store up to 6 saved games at a time.


The Oracle Of Kevin Bacon thumbnail

The Oracle Of Kevin Bacon

Behold: the World Wide Web’s most comprehensive version of “the Kevin Bacon game.”

Here’s the goal: start with any film actor or actress and find out how many links it takes to connect them back to famed Footloose star Kevin Bacon. “Bacon Numbers” of 4 or higher are considered extremely rare. Try it out!


Fujifilm Accessories Bundle product photo

Fujifilm Accessories Bundle

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera: check! Awesome accessory bundle: soon-to-be check!

Have fun taking instant-print pictures with your friends.


Nose Aerobics Game product photo

Nose Aerobics Game

[Hopefully] this is is the only sport you play with your face! If you thought catching a ball in a cup couldn’t get any crazier, BOY were you wrong.


Game Night In A Can product photo

Game Night In A Can

Gather 5-30 of your closes pals for an all inclusive game night… from a single can?!

Pull out one of 30 different challenges for a new and  awesome experience every game night.


GeoGuessr thumbnail


If you were dropped anywhere in the world, would you be able to figure out where you are? That’s the goal of Geoguessr. The game gives you a Google Maps street view and allows you to travel backward and forward to guess where on the globe you are. The closer your guess the more points you earn.


Sporcle Trivia thumbnail

Sporcle Trivia

Trivia-heads rejoice! Sporcle has over 1 million user-generated quizzes on every topic you can possibly imagine, from World Cup winners to Harry Potter characters.


The Home Bartender product photo

The Home Bartender

Become a bartender in the comfort of your own home (minus the tips… and the attitude)!

This book contains 125 creative and delicious drink recipes that require only four ingredients or less.


Watch A Jaguar Attack A Crocodile thumbnail

Watch A Jaguar Attack A Crocodile

Okay, this is just awesome. National Geographic footage of a jaguar pouncing on a crocodile in Brazil. You won’t be able to stop watching it. What boredom?


Have Fun Learning A New Language thumbnail

Have Fun Learning A New Language

Duolingo is a cool app and website that helps you learn a new language by playing fun word games. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up.

It’s fun, addictive, and wouldn’t ya know it, educational! Duolingo is also low commitment and incredibly effective. Play whenever you feel like it!


1313 Dead End Drive product photo

1313 Dead End Drive

A deceased aunt. A multi-million dollar inheritance. 15 other relatives who are all after the dough. Set up traps to get them out of the way and get your hands on all the cash!


What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? product photo

What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?

The eternal question of what to make for dinner has been answered.  Choose your own adventure-style of deciding what to eat.  Fantastic idea, and love the obscene language throughout.


100 Deadly Skills product photo

100 Deadly Skills

Billed as “The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation”, this handy book will help you get by with life’s daily (deadly) challenges.


Wits and Wagers product photo

Wits and Wagers

This game is a blast.  Just fast enough to keep it interesting and active, but also requires careful consideration.  A great, well-balanced party game.


Do Some Science thumbnail

Do Some Science

Zooniverse allows everyday people to contribute to scientific projects.  Take a few minutes to make the world a better place.


100,000 Stars thumbnail

100,000 Stars

Explore the universe and get a sense for how truly large space is.  Gorgeous.


Never Have I Ever product photo

Never Have I Ever

Billed as the game of poor life decisions, and it’s 100% correct.  We haven’t laughed so hard in a long, long time.


Trainwreck product photo


Hilarious and dirty, Amy Schumer becomes a real star in this film.


Zoomquilt thumbnail


Blow your mind with this infinitely zooming painting.  You’ll see something new with each pass.


Waterproof Notepad product photo

Waterproof Notepad

The irony of having great ideas in the shower is that there’s no place to write them down.  Fix that with a Aqua Notes, a waterproof notepad.


Wreck This Journal product photo

Wreck This Journal

A great way to kill time in a creative way.  Wreck This Journal provides a terrific collection of prompts to express yourself in interesting ways.


Total Frat Move product photo

Total Frat Move

Get your bro on!  Hilarious book that exposes the often-douchy world of modern fraternities.


Make Someone Happy thumbnail

Make Someone Happy

Bored?  Why don’t you take a minute to write an anonymous letter that will make someone smile.


Drunk Stoned or Stupid product photo

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

The ultimate point of this game is to get people to tell some amazing stories, and it works.  Fantastic party game.


Freeciv thumbnail


Civilization is one of the best games in history.  Freeciv is the open sourced, community developed version that you can play in your browser.  Addictive!


Cards Against Humanity product photo

Cards Against Humanity

Perhaps the best adult party game of all time.  Embarrassing, controversial, offensive.  If none of these terms bother you, pick it up.


Spoil Yourself thumbnail

Spoil Yourself

Netflix has compiled a collection of the most famous plot twist spoilers in movie history.  If you’ve not seen these movies, they’ll be spoiled for you.  You have been warned.


Homework for Grown-ups product photo

Homework for Grown-ups

Brilliant concept.  This book will help you quickly remember many of the things you learned in school, but then forgot.  Well written and effective as a learning tool.


Virtual Reality is Here product photo

Virtual Reality is Here

Gear VR is probably the first truly viable VR hardware, and it’s now available to buy.  It’s indeed the future.


See How Stuff Works thumbnail

See How Stuff Works

Animagraffs teaches you how things work, the cool way.  Clever and beautiful animations break down how things work.  From jet engines to learning how to moonwalk, they’ve got you covered.


Learn the NATO Phonetic Alphabet thumbnail

Learn the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie.  Tired of sounding like a dufus sounding out letters over the phone?  Why not take a few minutes to learn the official phonetic alphabet and sound like pro.


Purple Rain Powder product photo

Purple Rain Powder

Terrific prank.  When mixed with water, it creates a vivid dark purple stain.  It just won’t go away!  Great for tracking thieves as well, just sprinkle some on your valuables and see whose hands turn purple.


Cool Facts About Your Birthday thumbnail

Cool Facts About Your Birthday

Waste some time by seeing some interesting facts about your birthday.  What happened?  Who was born? How long would your hair be if you never cut it?


Exploding Kittens product photo

Exploding Kittens

The definition of irreverent, Exploding Kittens is the most enjoyable party game since Russian Roulette.


Be Prepared product photo

Be Prepared

Got nothing to do?  Well, now’s a great time to take 5 minutes and get yourself an emergency kit for your home.  Whether it be natural disaster or zombie apocalypse, you’ll be ready.


Manskills product photo


Learn all the manly things.  Tie a knot, sew, start a fire, clean a drain. A must have reference for both men and women.


Awkward Turtle product photo

Awkward Turtle

Not your typical word game, it’s a collection of obscure and hilarious topics.  Great fun for larger groups.


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